Players Club Rules

Membership Regulation

  1. Club membership is free.
  2. To qualify for club membership you must be 21 years of age or older and provide valid proof of age.
  3. Acceptable forms of valid picture identification include the following: non-expired state issued driver’s license, state issued ID card, military identification, or current passport (not passport card).
  4. For your protection and for the protection of all Club members you will be asked for your valid photo ID with your matching name players club card for all club related transactions.
  5. Club members must have a valid mailing address and are responsible for notifying Margaritaville Resort Casino of any name, address, email, or phone number changes in person or through our website (see #6).
  6. Club account information including any promotional, food or points balances will not be given over telephone or through email. All transactions and account inquiries will be handled only in person, at the Players Club, to maintain the privacy and integrity of the club member’s account. Requesting a change of mailing address on a players club account may be completed online at
  7. Individuals who are excluded from casino facilities, including through a government program, by their own request, or at the sole discretion of Margaritaville Resort Casino are not eligible to participate in the players club or be issued a players club card or any players club benefits. Any outstanding benefits or offers that overlap such a determination will be revoked and deleted.
  8. Club members are responsible for the proper insertion of their players club card into the card readers on our slot and video poker machines to receive club benefits, and to ensure that a supervisor is aware of your play when playing table games. For table play ratings please present your players club card to the dealer or supervisor at each table game prior to playing. Margaritaville uses reasonable efforts to track a participants table games play including average bet and time played, however, as a condition of receiving ratings for table games play, participants agree that such ratings are granted based on the personal observation of Margaritaville staff and that their determinations shall be final and binding.
  9. The benefits of the players club program are solely intended for the use of the person listed on the account. Margaritaville Players Club cards may be used to track play and accumulate points by the account member only.
  10. Members are allowed one account only. Multiple cards with the same account number and name may be issued for members with proper identification who want to play multiple machines at the same time. Each account will be allowed a maximum of two player’s club cards per trip.
  11. Members distributing their cards to other persons to play on, or “point farming” (leaving cards in various slot machines without playing on those machines to try to get additional points by other folks playing on their cards) may have their membership revoked and all remaining cash and privileges surrendered.
  12. Fraudulent uses of the card including point chasing, card manipulation, team playing and any type of point theft will result in immediate revocation of club membership and loss of all outstanding Club privileges and benefits.
  13. Use of another person’s players card including attempted theft of points, free play, or comps and/or attempting to alter the information on that account such as requesting a pin code change can and may result in eviction from Margaritaville Resort Casino at management’s discretion.
  14. Points and comps are non-transferable and may not be brokered, bartered, or sold, including upon death or divorce. Points, comps, and other club benefits can only be redeemed as well as only be earned at Margaritaville Resort Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana. Comp Dollars may not be used for gratuities.
  15. Tier levels are determined based on the total points earned (inclusive of any point multiplier offered as a benefit) and tier levels will be renewed and tracked on dates specified by management.
  16. Base points are defined as points earned on carded play prior to any multiplication from tier benefits offered or point multiplier promotions.
  17. Club guidelines apply to all tier levels of cards. Tier status is based on earned point play only. Free “Bonus Play” such as direct mail offers, drawing, tournament, and promotion winnings, and point multiplier promotions are not considered when determining Players Club card tier status.
  18. Points are not earned while utilizing bonus play.
  19. Management reserves the right to adjust any point balance and benefits resulting from malfunctions, operational error, misuse or fraud.
  20. Members must adhere to all Club guidelines. Misuse may result in immediate revocation of membership and loss of any outstanding Club privileges and benefits.
  21. Points remain valid as long as at least one (1) point is earned every rolling 12 months. In the event there is no activity on a players club card account any remaining unredeemed points or benefits will expire and be purged from the system.
  22. Members agree to allow the use of their name and likeness for promotions, advertising, and announcements without compensation.
  23. Members are responsible for any and all taxes, licenses, registrations and other fees.
  24. Membership in the Players Club is a privilege and may be revoked or canceled at the discretion of Margaritaville management without notice and the member must surrender their Club card upon request.
  25. Margaritaville Resort Casino management shall resolve any dispute or misunderstanding regarding the player’s club. Margaritaville also reserves all rights to modify, cancel or deny privileges at any time. Club membership is a privilege at the discretion of Margaritaville management.
  26. By participating in the Margaritaville Resort Casino Players Club card program participants agree to and accept all rules, terms and conditions set forth by Margaritaville Resort Casino.
  27. Margaritaville management reserves all rights including the right to change, alter, cancel or revise the players club or promotional rules and benefits at any time without notice, subject to any applicable regulatory approval.
  28. If any of the preceding guidelines are found to be invalid, all other guidelines shall remain in effect
  29. The Louisiana State Police Gaming Division reserves the right to investigate any and all complaints and disputes regarding tournaments, promotions, and drawings. Such disputes and complaints will be resolved in accordance with the Louisiana Gaming Control Act and Louisiana Gaming Commission Regulation.

If you have any questions about these rules and regulations please contact one of our friendly Players Club Representatives for assistance.

If you or someone you know has a problem gambling responsibly, call the 24 hour Problem Gamblers HelpLine at 1-800-522-4700.

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